Jewellery care: Our stainless steel based jewellery is tarnish-resistant! This refers to its 'water-proof' characteristics meaning it can get wet, however we advise you to avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes, hair products and makeup. These solutions may damage the layer of gold or silver plating and will cause tarnishing or discolouration. For all other based jewellery please remove before swimming and showering. Where should I keep my jewellery? When your not wearing your favourite pieces please keep them safe in our Biella Vintage jewellery box. All orders are delivered in a Biella Vintage Jewellery Box, which is both reusable and recyclable. Can I shower with my jewellery on? Our Stainless steel based jewellery is tarnish resistant, so it can get wet. For all other jewellery please remove before swimming and showering. Gold-plated jewellery:  18K Gold-plated jewellery describes the electroplating process of depositing a thin layer of 18K Gold onto the surface of the base metal, such as brass or stainless steel. Silver-plated jewellery: Silver-plated jewellery describes the electroplating process in which a thin layer of .925 Sterling Silver over a base metal such as stainless steel. Stainless steel: Our Stainless steel jewellery is tarnish-resistant. Stainless steel is commonly used as a base metal in the gold and silver plating process that is known for its 'anti-tarnish' characteristics. Jewellery allergies: Some people can have a sensitivity to materials used in the plating process. If you are aware of a jewellery allergy we advise you to choose a hypoallergenic material, and please be aware that it is not our responsibility to refund or exchange your item knowing you have pre-existing allergies or sensitivities. Necklace / chain lengths: Our necklaces and chains lengths vary with each specific product - please see the product description for more information regarding a specific product. Biella Vintage necklace and chain lengths: 45cm - 18" 50cm - 20" 60cm - 24" Ring sizing: We stock US ring sizes 6, 7 & 8 Size 6 - 16.4mm diameter, 51.50mm circumference Size 7 - 17.3mm diameter, 54.32mm circumference Size 8 - 18.2mm diameter, 56.83mm circumference How to measure your rings size: 1. Wrap a string or paper around the base of your finger. 2. Mark the point where the ends meet/cross. 3. Unwrap the string or paper and measure length with a ruler (mm). 4. Pick the closest measurement for the ring size 6, 7 or 8 to find your ring size. If you have any questions or feedback or would just like to say hello, please contact our customer service team at